Add Your Rental

Sugarfoot Rentals would love to discuss adding your rental property to our Sugarfoot family units!

If you currently are renting or are kicking the tires and are simply interested in Sugarfoot Rentals assisting, please schedule an appointment with us.

Who are we?  We are Paul and Carrie.  We started with Sugarfoot Escape and have enjoyed the experience and interaction with our guests, and the relationships we are building with our cleaners, helpers, and most importantly our friends and neighbors in our Alabama getaway!  

We act as an owners cooperative where we pool what we can for economies of scale and help with the day to day with those renters, communicate for you if you prefer, and handle the books.

We have many friends with condos along Perdido Key Blvd, and many are frustrated with their rental corporations not listening to them, providing terrible quality towels, not cleaning well which is the first route to bad reviews, going to budget motel level prices for bookings, and being more focused on # of nights occupied versus securing verified renters.  You shouldn’t feel like “they are giving our place away and its packed with adults wearing it out.”  Our solution is to “bring that in house”.

We address the towels and linen issue by sourcing high quality luxury hotel grade products that you will actually purchase and own.  Our renters love our towels and linens picks!

We use industry availability data to actively adjust provide rate guidance for you.  We encourage minimum rates for a property and if the market will not bear those rates, our like minded owners would prefer to not be booked.  Sugarfoot Rental coop owners can ALWAYS block their time in advance and check on their progress via our online portal!  

We believe in leveraging technology to help with owners being remote, such as Ring Spotlight Cameras and Z-Wave Smart Locks so that we never use the same code for a guest and we know who has come and gone from our units.  We also leverage technology to actively track supply and demand which helps us know when to be patient for bookings.

We will help you have your site list your site on multiple channels:  VRBO, AirBNB, HomeToGo, Houfy, our own site, etc.  

As an owner managed coop, we are making it easier for you to rent your place and help in the areas you need help, like good neighbors!

Give us a shout and we’d love to bring your piece of paradise into the Sugarfoot family!

Paul & Carrie!